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Vaccination and the Workplace

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Briefing note from Sherrard Kuzz, LLP – March 15, 2021

With COVID-19 vaccination within reach for most Canadians, many employers want to know if they can require employees and, in some cases, customers to be vaccinated once vaccines are readily available. Employers are also uncertain about the information they can collect about vaccination and whether widespread vaccination in the workplace means fewer health and safety protocols such as distancing, masking, disinfecting, etc.
This briefing note addresses four common vaccination questions:
1. Can an employer mandate COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment?
2. Can an employer collect information about COVID-19 vaccination status from its employees, even if not mandating vaccination?
3. Can a business screen its patrons (customers, clients, etc.) for COVID-19 vaccination prior to entry into the workplace?
4. Is a business permitted to relax its masking, physical distancing and other public health and safety measures if it can confirm all employees have been vaccinated?

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Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

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Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a program that allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement in the community. Students develop the essential skills and work habits required in today’s workplace under the mentorship of the employer. Each student is granted a credit based upon 110 combined hours of on-the-job learning and classroom instruction. The goal of all co-op experiences is to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership between the training supervisor, the teacher and the student.


  1. Attract energetic, motivated and job-ready students prepared to apply the latest in technology
    and ideas
  2. WSIB coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education for unpaid learners
  3. Cost-effective, additional support in the workplace
  4. Participate in a positive community partnership
  5. Potential to hire students for after-school, weekend or summer work
  6. Opportunity to recruit and train a future employee
  7. Train the workforce of the future, and help keep our economy stimulated and renewed
  8. Influence young peoples’ attitudes toward work and school
  9. Students bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the workplace


  1. Interview students to ensure a mutually beneficial experience
  2. Provide students with a safe working environment
  3. Offer students the opportunity to learn from experts in the field
  4. Designate one employee for supervising and assessing student performance
  5. Provide students with oral and written feedback
  6. Provide challenging learning experiences that will encourage personal growth and help students develop career goals
  7. Meet with teacher over the course of placement to discuss student progress and identify areas for improvement
  8. Provide orientation and site-specific health and safety training


September – January

  • Morning ~ 12.5 hours/week
  • Afternoon ~ 12.5 hours/week
  • Full Day ~ 25 hours/week

February – June

  • Morning ~ 12.5 hours/week
  • Afternoon ~ 12.5 hours/week
  • Full Day ~ 25 hours/week

Students are in-class for approximately 1-3 weeks at the beginning of each semester in preparation for the workplace, and will participate in classroom-based integration sessions throughout the placement.


While at the work placement, students are covered by WSIB through the Ministry of Education provided they are not being paid at their placement. The emphasis of the program is to provide students with the ability to develop skills in a challenging learning environment. Students are awarded credits towards their diploma and benefit from the skills learned, work habits developed and experiences obtained.


All of our high schools are actively seeking new opportunities to partner with the business community for student co-op placements. Contact the Cooperative Education Department at your local high school to get more information, develop a placement description, and become connected with today’s emerging talent.

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Steel Toe Careers Bursary Program

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Steel Toe Careers will provide Bursaries to those seeking financial assistance to pursue their career path in the construction industry. Skilled Trades College of Canada focuses on Pre-Apprentice training for a variety of trades in the construction industry that include but not limited to Electrical, Plumbing and Intro to Home Renovations.

To be eligible for this bursary this individual must be:

A Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Demonstrates clear career objectives in the construction industry
Evidence of financial need

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Site Superintendent Position

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Site Superintendent

We are looking for an experienced ICI Construction Site Superintendent to oversee a wide range of projects from start to finish. Projects could range from various Government Institutions, including municipal Government, Military Facilities, Hospitals, Penitentiaries. The Site Superintendent must be able to obtain the necessary security clearance for site access. Travel across Ontario will be required with expenses paid.

Experience Required:
– Experience supervising Institutional Construction projects with values between $5,000,000 & $10,000,000
– Knowledgeable in all construction methodologies & procedures
– Coordination of all on-site activities including manpower, contractors, material, equipment etc.
– Demonstrated knowledge of OHSA & Regulations for Construction Projects
– Demonstrated knowledge of the Ontario Building Code
– Must be computer literate in Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel)

– Reporting to the Project Manager & providing site support including daily paperwork, managing construction activities of contractors and in-house manpower
– Participate in meeting with clients, consultants, trade contractors, project support team
– Determine on-site resources as required while working with Project Manager to ensure needs are met
– Ensure all trade partners continuously work within the Health & Safety requirements as set out by the Health & Safety Officer
– Continuously & actively inspects all areas of project throughout all phases of construction to ensure quality standards are met within the scheduled timelines maximizing profitability
– Forecast project look ahead schedule & tasks for planning of upcoming work
– Reliability & punctuality a MUST

We thank all who apply, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Please email cover letter & resume to