Vaccination Schedule for Construction

By May 6, 2021news

Construction workers who do not already qualify for vaccination can get vaccinated beginning the week of May 10th. This has been moved ahead by about one month. They fall into the “Cannot work from home, group 2” category.

Group 2 Essential Workers Who Cannot Work from Home:

• Essential and critical retail workers (including grocery, foodbank and non-clinical pharmacy workers, ServiceOntario workers, ServiceCanada and Passport Canada workers, wholesalers and general goods, restaurant workers, LCBO)
• Workers in manufacturing industries directly involved in supporting the COVID19 response, construction including infrastructure, and other essential businesses and services where facilities are at heightened risk for COVID-19 outbreaks and spread.
• Social workers and other social services staff providing in-person client services (including youth justice workers, OW and ODSP case workers)
• Courts and justice system workers (including probation and parole workers) 9 Only includes school workers who are currently working in-person and cannot perform duties remotely. PHUs may work with MOH and the Ministry of Education to address special circumstances where vaccination would allow resumption of critical in-person work. 22 | Page
• Transportation, warehousing and distribution workers (including public transit workers, taxi drivers, truck drivers supporting essential services, marine and rail cargo and maintenance, highway maintenance)
• Electricity (including workers employed in system operations, generation, transmission, distribution and storage).
• Communications infrastructure workers (including cellular, satellite, landline, internet, public safety radio)
• Water and wastewater management workers
• Financial services workers (bank branch staff)
• Veterinarians and veterinary teams
• Waste management workers
• Oil and petroleum workers (including those working in petroleum refineries; those involved in the storage, transmission and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products and those needed for the retail sale of fuel).
• Natural gas and propane gas workers (including those working in the compression, storage, transmission and distribution of natural gas and propane)
• Mine workers (including those needed to ensure the continued operation of active mines) • Uranium processing workers (those working in the refining and conversion of uranium, and fabrication of fuel for nuclear power plants).

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