#Lunchbox Challenge

By May 19, 2020news

The BCA Launches the #LunchBox Challenge to our members!!

This initiative is trending across our country and we invite BCA members to participate in the #LunchBox Challenge.

The idea of the #LunchBoxChallenge is simple: construction companies buy lunches locally for their site (or sites) and nominate another company to do the same.

It all starts with one member willing to accept the challenge, then nominate another member to do the same, and so on and so on.

Remember this initiative is a great way to thank the hard working crews as well as support our communities’ small local restaurants.

A list of some of the restaurants open for lunch delivery can be found HERE.



Still, there are additional measures to consider with ordering lunches for sites.

The measures shared include:

• Ordering lunches that can be individually wrapped – do not order family-style meals that require individuals to serve themselves from large containers;
• Asking the restaurants to include any condiments, cutlery and napkins in the individually packed lunches – do not share condiment bottles;
• Maintaining physical distancing while individuals collect their meals – six feet apart at all times; and
• Sanitizing common surfaces before food is delivered and as needed during distribution to reduce potential cross-contamination.

For more information or to challenge a member, contact Alison Smith at alisonsmith@barrieca.com

The BCA will be sure to share all of your LunchBox challenges!

The BCA will start the challenge by ordering lunch for the staff on Friday May 22nd and we challenge Brian Westermann of Brian’s Little Electric!!