Community Builders Training Program Graduates

By June 4, 2024job-posting

Hire from our Training Program!
Community Builders runs a Trades Training Program that prepares graduates with all of the
foundational skills needed to be a great employee, prepared to learn and contribute to your
workplace. We also offer post-graduation support to employees and their first employer to
ensure that our grads stay employed!
Every three months we have a graduating class ready to start work with:
● A tool pouch and starter set of hand tools
● Hard hat and PPE
● Certifications in WHMIS, Working At Heights, MOL 4 Steps To Safety
● A hands-on introduction to:
● Demolition
● Framing
● Insulation
● Drywall boarding & finishing
● Flooring
● Painting
● Trim & Millwork
● Power tools
● Hand tools
● Professional Conduct & Soft Skills
Choosing to hire from programs like ours demonstrates your commitment to your community
and to developing the next generation of skilled tradespeople.
Please get in touch to discuss suitable candidates for your needs.