Cambium Inc. is Growing

By June 11, 2018news

PETERBOROUGH, June 8, 2018: The hiring of 15 new team members in May was record breaking for Cambium, the largest contingent thus far in a one-month period. Raising the company employee count to over 100 people is also a milestone in itself. The new additions have been well received by the team complements at the Cambium’s eastern and central Ontario offices.

Since opening its doors over twelve years ago, Cambium has experienced continual organic growth. The hiring of 15 staff in a one-month period prompted the management team to pause and reflect on its modest beginning with only 9 employees. Amidst the trend of large publicly traded engineering companies acquiring smaller consulting firms, Cambium has remained committed to being an employee-owned enterprise. This model has contributed to the personal approach and pride that the staff put into their work.

The past five years have been witness to the most exciting expansion; service offerings, new offices, and renowned projects, during which time the company achieved a growth of approximately 500%. However, May 2018 is in the spotlight for the largest number of staff joining the team in a single month.

“We planned to expand,” said John Desbiens, President and CEO “but the pace of growth was at a much faster and steadier rate than we had expected. Building our capacity and competency to meet the market demand has required ongoing organizational development. Our clients are more value oriented than price sensitive which has allowed us to reinforce the comprehensive approach and quality of staff for which we are known.” Mr. Desbiens adds that they expect to see continued growth over the next three years as Cambium continues to develop its existing locations and pursue a broader geographic reach.

Jim Bailey is also a founding partner and Vice President at Cambium. “We are very proud to have created full-time career opportunities for professionals wanting to live and work in their home towns,” states Mr. Bailey. He adds “we have also welcomed new people to the company from various parts of Canada and the US. It is exciting to see the positive growth and know that we are contributing to the economic development of the communities we serve.”

“We are perpetually seeking people that share the values and culture of Cambium,” adds Karen Mann, Human Resources Manager. “We have been fortunate to attract and retain an amazing team of professionals.” While it has been a busy hiring month for the HR team, Ms. Mann has been with Cambium since its first year of operations, so nurturing a growing team of professionals is commonplace for her.

About Cambium
Founded in 2006, Cambium is a consulting and engineering company offering environmental, geotechnical, building sciences, and construction monitoring services. Focused on exceptional service, the company provides professional advice and solutions to ensure environments are developed, maintained, and remediated to a healthy state for a better future. Cambium’s home office is in Peterborough, with complete office complements in Barrie, Oshawa, and Kingston. For more information, visit or call 1-866-217-7900.

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