An Invitation for Consultation

By September 7, 2018news

Ministry of Labour

 Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister Operations Division

400 University Ave. 14th Floor Toronto, Ontario M7A 1T7

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August 29, 2018

Dear Stakeholder:

We invite you to participate in the Ministry of Labour’s Workplace Health and Safety consultations taking place in October 2018.

This year, the ministry’s Operations Division and the Prevention Office are hosting back-to-back consultations. We are looking for your feedback to help keep Ontario workers safe and healthy while at work.

These discussions will be an opportunity to help shape the future direction of the ministry’s Safe at Work Ontario strategy for 2019/20. Your feedback will help improve the effectiveness of our Safe at Work Ontario campaigns and enhance the compliance support we offer.

We will also provide you with an update on some of our activities (ongoing and planned) in response to the feedback we received from you in the January/February 2018 Safe at Work Ontario consultation sessions.

In addition, the Ministry’s Chief Prevention Officer is developing Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Strategy for the next 5 years, and would like your input to identify and address emerging priorities.

There will be in-person sessions taking place in the Greater Toronto Area. We are also hosting web-based consultations if you are unable to attend an in-person session. As space is limited, please visit to register for the session(s) of your choosing and secure your spot.

If you have questions or comments, please email the ministry at

Ensuring continued engagement with our stakeholders is vital to the success and improvement of workplace health and safety culture in Ontario. I hope you will accept this invitation to participate in the dialogue.


(Original signed by)

Leon Genesove

Acting Director

Occupational Health and Safety Branch Ministry of Labour

Ron Kelusky

Chief Prevention Officer Prevention Office Ministry of Labour